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Welcome to UTman

I have combined both my MUT skills and programming skills to make UTman ultrasonic weld inspection practice software.  My goal is to assist inspectors achieve a firm understanding of MUT and TOFD from a practical perspective.

Welcome to UTman – a Website dedicated to assist  in UT inspection practice. My name is Paul Rawlinson and I’m a full time UT inspector making a living in the offshore oil platform industry.

I’m also a programmer… but more on that shortly.

Oil Price Collapse

I was a UT inspector back in the 1980’s when the oil price collapsed. During that recession I went back to college and studied programming. I then worked as a computer programmer for a big London based firm for several years.

Sure enough the oil priced rebounded after a few years and upon getting a phone call to mobilize offshore I was off again travelling, on that occasion to Itally. Since then I have worked all over the world.

Perhaps I made a mistake to leave London and the programming job. Who knows, but that was 20 years ago and I am still in the offshore weld inspection business.

Déjà vu

We had a major oil price collapse in 2016.

I believe it is now on the rise again returning to previous highs. This will lead to a big demand in NDT especially Ultrasonic skills.

My Goal

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